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Principles Involved in Increasing Memory in Psychology

This article is about Principles Involved in Increasing Memory in Psychology. Every person wants to increase their memory power but the question is how? So in this article, I will be describing two major principles by which anybody can increase their memory power.

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Principles for Increasing Memory:

Two steps are involved in increasing memory:

  1. Imagination
  2. Association

Association and Imagination:

These two are basically the techniques that are used for increasing and improving your memory. These are the techniques by which you can remember or memorize the key information or the main information.


Association simply means the connection. It is the connection between 2 meaningful things.

In the terms of memory, you form an association to link the two things in order to memorize these things.

But do remember that the association that you create between two things should be meaningful and their association must create some sense.

We usually use colors, places, actions, people, lyrics for creating associations.


It is the ability of your mind by which you can create new ideas. It is the fundamental step for efficient memory. Our imagination is the only step that will help us to form associations.

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