Importance of English Language for Students in Pakistan (A Deep Analysis) by Rabbia Shafiq
Importance of English Language for Students in Pakistan (A Deep Analysis) by Rabbia Shafiq

In this article, I want to let my readers know about the serious issue regarding the Importance of English language for Students in Pakistan. Readers, have you notice I used the word issue?

Yes, this is an issue, a seriously growing issue, especially in Pakistan. To end up this issue, delivering a presentation in English should be mandatory in Pakistan.

We have limit ENGLISH language just as a subject for ourselves but ENGLISH is much more than you think.

English is not a special language but keep it in your mind please that English is an international language.

It has no danger for you. It is always beneficial for you in Pakistan and outside Pakistan too. It is useful for you from every single aspect.

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Ok, I will start this argument by explaining the term presentation.


What does an effective presentation mean to you? Does it only mean to convey information as a presenter to your audience?

We always focus on the topic of our presentation; we focus on the material we collect for delivering our presentation.

But we never focus on the language like seriously we really don’t count the English language here.

We never take English into consideration for this purpose. Only the collection of material in English is not rocket science, it will never show your excellence.

Your excellence will be prominent and get highlighted only when you will try to deliver it in the English language.

No matter your English is good or bad but at least you should give it a try. You should be confident with your work and you should work hard to improve your English speaking power up to the level where you are standing right now.

It is really disappointing for me to write that Pakistani’s do not keep a good perception regarding the English language. This is mainly because of an Education system in Pakistan.

Have you ever thought that when you prepare your presentation, you collect the material in English what’s the reason behind this? The reason is that you want to have a great impact on yourself on your audience.

Then why don’t you consider the Importance of English Language for Students and deliver the presentation in English and put even more impact of yourself on your audience?

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I won’t blame any single individual for such an act. The problem is increasing across Pakistan just and just because of our education system which is quite poor and underdeveloped.

So the question arises that from where the problem begins?

Either from school or from college or from your university so keep reading till the end to find this interesting answer.


When you get your child admitted to a school, this is exactly the place where a student should start learning and speaking English as a language.

But the disappointing thing is that our child learns English only as a subject not as a language.

This is not only the fault of our child; this is because of the poor teaching standards.

The teachers are only good for teaching English subject but apart from the subject, they are poor from the speaking point of view. They are not able to make the students a fluent English speaker.

So this is the root from where a student fails to get initial knowledge of learning the English language.

Note the point I am saying, again and again, English language not an English subject because the subject is compulsory to study, you are provided with the proper course outline and you just memorize them to pass the exams and to promote in the new class.

The problem does not end here, the same thing happens in college, and then the same thing happens at your University level.

The problem is not that the people are unable to speak English language but the problem is that the person who takes interest in learning and speaking is badly discouraged and have to face some illiterate remarks especially when you are at your university level.

The major fault is again of our teachers. We have highly qualified teachers at our universities.

Most of them are the Doctorate of their subjects but they don’t even deliver a single lecture in English. And those who deliver in English are unable to understand for students because of too many grammatical errors.

We study English till our university level. But the problem of our education system is that we focus on the subject, not on learning.

If any student raises its voice to learn the teacher without even wasting a second declares that “My dear this is not your level to learn”.

So I wanted to ask every single teacher of Pakistan that when will the time come when our level will start?

I ask all the respected teachers of Pakistan that when will the students will be provided with knowledge of learning English language and considering it as an important part of life?

If a school is not the level to learn it, if college is not the level to learn, even if the university is not the level to learn.

Will we begin to learn at the job interview time? Will that is our level to learn?

I wanted to ask this especially from those students who are skillful in their fields but can’t even speak a single English sentence on their own.

Let’s suppose you go for a job interview, an interviewer starts a conversation with you in the English language.

Will, you be able to communicate with that person in the English Language that moment although you are the master of your field but still?

Won’t it be a shameful moment for you? Do give it a thought and start taking the English Language into account, please.


Every second Pakistani student dream to go abroad for higher education. But do you think of yourself at the level to live and study in abroad.

Mostly Pakistani dream to go UK, America, Canada, Australia. The reason for mentioning the names of these countries is again the English language.

English is the language which is widely and mostly spoken in all of the mentioned above countries.

If you are good in speaking the English language then you are good to go, you can easily adjust yourself there, you can communicate with them easily, you can study easily, and you can do your employment there easily.

But if you are not a good English speaker, neither you will adjust there, nor people will try to adjust and cooperate with you.

Ok, let’s suppose for a while you applied to go abroad, your application get approve and you get the visa to go abroad and you finally reach the land as you have wished.

But are you able to communicate with the people, are you able to understand the lecture that teacher will deliver completely in English?

Just to dream is not enough, you should work hard to fulfill your dream and make yourself capable enough.


What if we have a look at our government sectors, the condition is like completely and extremely bad over here. Even they don’t know the Importance of English Language for Students.

The students are not even taught subjects properly so learning English there is like next to impossible.

Now moving towards the private sector where even some poor and middle-class parents enroll their child in order to see them successful one day and to learn and understand English in a great way as it is an international language.

If we look at the conditions of our private sectors, they are only intended to spread their business; they are not concerned with the student’s future.


Following a few points must be taken into consideration to solve and end up this issue from the roots:

  • The government and private sectors both must be properly checked and examined in order to see whether they are providing basic English knowledge to their students or not.
  • The teachers of all the subjects must be properly tested that can they deliver the lecture in proper and simple English or not.
  • There should be proper trainers arranged in educational sectors that help students to increase their speaking power.
  • An English test should be conducted by the teachers of all departments at least once a year in order to check their capability and level.
  • The trainer should be able to teach students an English language and communication skills as well so the students can communicate effectively.
  • Proper seminars and workshops should be arranged from lower level to higher level in order to bring awareness regarding the importance and usefulness of an English language.


What if I share my personal experience; I heard the sentence “My dear this is not your level to learn and speak English and especially to deliver a presentation in English” so many times but I couldn’t argue with my teachers as they are really respectable for me.

I would like to share my experience when I delivered my presentation in English and because of that day today I am compelled to write over such a serious issue.

One day I was delivering a presentation over an exciting topic of psychology. I hardly made 2 slides for my presentation but I presented for roundabout for 20 minutes. I delivered the whole presentation in English.

During the presentation, I was feeling really discouraged and disappointed by seeing expressions of my audience. They were like completely blank and their expressions make me feel like they are getting bored.

Some were yawning, some were talking with each other, and few were laughing. But apart from all such expressions, I didn’t stop and I completed my presentation.

When I ended up my presentation, my teacher gave me really positive remarks and really appreciated me for the knowledge that I have shared regarding the topic.

But I got one negative remark that was you should not deliver the whole presentation in English as it is one of the presentation skills that you should keep your audience in mind while presenting.

My teacher said that this is not your level this is like a high level where we haven’t reached now. She is a great teacher and a really very respectable lady for me.

I couldn’t argue that moment although I could say all these things that I wrote in my article, that was not the right time because all my arguments would be considered as like I am defending myself that I never wanted to.


So today I wrote this article not only because I faced that remark but because 70% of students don’t like to deliver a presentation in English whereas few of them hesitate to do so.

So by this article, I request every single teacher of Pakistan that please do focus and consider the English language for learning and especially for delivering presentations.

It will be a great chance for you and for your students to excel more and more.

With the help of this, you can develop a great identity and great image of your country in the world around. After which you will be considered as a proud Pakistani.

I have tried my level best to transfer my views on the Importance of English Language for Students with my readers. I would like my readers to share this article more and more because this is the matter of our future.

Some students requested:

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I will soon update more about that as well.

Do give your feedback in the comment section. Your feedback will be highly appreciated. I also welcome open criticism if you disagree even with my any single point. I would love to discuss with you.

Do consider this article because this is a matter of concern. It’s a matter of our young generation. It’s a matter of their future.

Thanks for reading this article.

Keep reading and Learning. Do share it with your friends and family.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂
    Well Yes, No doubt Urdu is even more important for us we can never neglect the importance of Urdu language as it is our national language. but in order to compete globally, we should consider the English language as an important one.


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