Purpose and Functions of Educational Psychology
Purpose and Functions of Educational Psychology

In order to understand the purpose and function of Educational psychology in a clearer manner, firstly you need to understand the actual concept of what is Education? And what is Psychology?

Education is an instructional way of studying and learning whereas Psychology studies the mental properties of human beings.

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After reading this article you will be able to understand the purpose and function of Educational psychology:

What is Educational Psychology?

Educational psychology is considered to be applied psychology. This is a branch of psychology where we can study an individual according to their learning point of view.

Here we study people in their educational setting. Education and psychology are basically the reciprocal of each other.

The purpose of educational psychology is to basically cover an involvement with how humans learn and what teaching methods are required.

It studies the power of human execution in learning. In short educational psychology is a logical and experimental study of human learning.


What is the Purpose and Function of Educational psychology?

The most important purpose of educational psychology is that it is mainly used for encouraging and promoting the teaching and learning methods. It also nourishes the learning methods of an individual.

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Educational psychology helps teachers to understand the mental power and his/her strength in teaching.

So the main purpose of educational psychology is the promotion of teaching and learning methods.

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What is the Importance of Educational psychology?

Educational psychology is important for several reasons:

1. Educational psychology is applied in order to understand the aspects and components that are involved in the life of the learner.

2. Psychology in Education is important because it lays down the proper foundation and principles of education.

3. Education psychology is mainly important to understand the mind of the children that in what ways he/she can develop their learning and education skills effectively.

4. It creates a great bond between students and teacher and hence encourages the student to behave in a mannerly way with their teachers and elders.

5. Psychology in Education is also important for the child because it makes them problem-solving not problem creating.

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What is the Scope of Educational Psychology?

The extension or scope of educational psychology is up to a very great extent because it is a vast field which is still growing due to continuous researches.

The scope of educational psychology basically tells us the paths and areas that where educational psychology is actually applicable.

The scope of Educational psychology mainly covers the mentioned below three areas:


In the overall process of learning, the learner plays the main and the leading role. It completely depends on the learner that how fast or how slow he/she learns.

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The occurrence of problems is usual during the learning stage and that is the place where educational psychology is applied for fixing that problem.

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Educational psychology provides us with the knowledge regarding learning. It also includes the factors and steps that affect our learning process.

The main and the significant role in the learning process are of ‘Teachers’. With the help of educational psychology, a teacher can develop a sense of maturation in them.

A teacher can develop a level of interest in them towards their work. A teacher can develop self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-respect in them.

“Like seriously I wonder how someone can teach without even knowing a little knowledge of educational psychology. Because teaching a specific subject is not everything, understanding the psychology of your students is the first and the foremost thing.“


Evaluation basically means to create a perception or judgment regarding something. Your learning process is always dependent upon your evaluation and the perceptions that you form.

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So with the help of educational psychology, you can evaluate the outcomes.

“As long as you don’t know the outcomes, you cannot learn in an effective way”.

So after reading this article, you might get familiar with the term “Educational Psychology and its Purpose and Function”. You are now clear with the usage and role of psychology in education.

I will be explaining some applicable areas of educational psychology more in my upcoming article. So keep up reading and learning.

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