5 Unbelievable Benefits of Crying in Psychology

Crying is a natural emotional state present in every single person. Crying is basically the shower or shedding of tears from one’s eyes in order to overcome the state of happiness or sadness.

People are too usual and frequent of crying but have you people ever think that what is the psychology behind crying? What could be the benefits of crying in psychology?


So you are exactly in the right place where you can know about the benefits of crying in psychology.

In this article, I will explain the health benefits of crying and especially some benefits of crying in Psychology.

You might have seen many people writing over happiness and laughter and their benefits but all of us unintentionally underestimating the power and the benefits of crying mainly in psychology.

Because we always prefer happiness over crying and we never want to see ourselves and our loved ones crying.

But I will show you up that how crying is equally good for yourself as happiness and laughter is.


After reading a number of benefits of crying in psychology, I assure you, you will find this article really beneficial for your personal life. So keep reading till the end.

Before narrating about the benefits of crying in Psychology, I would like to write something about the concept of crying for men and the concept of crying for women.

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This is a reality and a universal truth as well that women are too sensitive. It is like a trademark over females that they are emotionally sensitive and weak not all but most are.

And in such a situation, it is obvious that women cry. Women not only cry when she is in a situation or in a position of sadness or happiness but she cries when she has highly intense and deepen feelings and she really doesn’t know the way that how to react, how to face and how to overcome this situation.

In this matter, I would like to share my personal experience. I would like to narrate something about the girl that is too close to my heart and my beloved friend as well.

“She is a really strong girl but at the end, she is a girl with a highly sensitive and emotional nature. She cries when she gets angry, she cries when something does not happen according to her, she cries when she sees other people crying, she also cries for no reason”

So the reason for sharing this is that there is a number of reasons that women cry for and it is too usual for the all the people living around the world but the concept get changed and the usual becomes unusual when it comes to men.

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Our concept and our perceptions get completely changed from the emotional point of view when it comes to men. We see this misconception almost everywhere that men are emotionally strong and they never cry.

“But when it comes to my point of view I strongly oppose this misconception. Yes, they are emotionally strong but we cannot say that they never cry.”

I think they are even more sensitive in this regard because women never hide their emotions but men find it so hard to express their emotions.

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Anyway, this is a long enough topic to discuss. Now I will proceed towards my topic of discussion i-e “Benefits of crying in Psychology”.


Now I will like to give my readers a brief overview regarding some good benefits of crying in psychology:

1. Crying is Beneficial For Your Health:

Crying is really very favorable from your health point of view because:

  • With the help of tears, you can clear your crap or debris.
  • With tears, your eyes get cleared by dust and smoke.
  • By the help of tears, you can protect your eyes from an infection.
  • After crying, your eyes get grease and become smoother.
  • When you cry, toxins get removed by your body.
  • Tears improve your eyesight.

2. Crying Relaxes Your Mind:

This is a bitter reality that we never want to cry. We try to find out thousands of solutions to solve the problem but we don’t want to cry.

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But if we think from the psychological point of view, crying relaxes and calms our mental state in a great way. And after having a calm and relaxed mind, we can think of a wise solution to a problem.

3. Crying relieves Stress:

You get stressed when some pressure or tension is by force imposed on you. You strive so hard to bring yourself out from that stress but it cannot happen until you cry and this is proved from the psychological point of view that crying releases your stress.

After crying all the toxins have been removed from your body. And when your stress gets a release, you can work hard to avoid such a stressful situation.

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4. Crying improves Mood:

You might be wondering that how can weep or crying improve someone’s mood? So yes this is exactly the psychology behind crying that it refreshes your mood.

This is because it creates a sense of calmness and relief in your mind and body and hence makes your mood good.

5. Crying makes you Extrovert:

From the psychological point of view, an introvert person never expresses their feelings and usually don’t cry and keep their emotions to themselves.

But when you cry and take out your emotions to the outer world you feel your inner self really soft and light. You become an extrovert and socially confident and you become an easy going person.

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There are countless benefits of crying in psychology. I have explained fewer. But I hope I got succeeded in transferring my views regarding some good benefits of crying in Psychology.

I hope many of you might change their mindset regarding crying after knowing these benefits of crying.

Do give your feedback in the comment section and let me know if you have any question in your mind. I will respond as soon as possible for me.

Keep reading and Learning. Do share it with your friends and family.

Thank You!


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