Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology on Youth and Society - Rabbia Shafiq
Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology on Youth and Society - Rabbia Shafiq

Every single thing present in this world has advantages and disadvantages. Modern Technology holds really great importance in our life.

But still, like all other things, we can’t ignore the advantages and disadvantages of technology on youth in society.

Modern Technology is important almost in every sector either it is household, or business or education.

We know that Modern Technology has countless benefits but side by side it has disadvantages too. The greatest victim of its disadvantages is especially our youth.

A country’s success lies in its youth. So it is our foremost duty to make our youth be aware of its advantages and disadvantages.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology:

In this article, I will mainly focus on and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of technology on Youth in society.

Youth is such a wonderful thing but what if we look at our surroundings, our youth is completely on the wrong track.

Youth is the age period where an individual follows charm and glamour and we all know following the wrong track is always easy, simple and speedy as compared to the right track which is difficult to follow.

No doubt technology has improved our lives in a great way. We have made Modern technology an alternative for all difficult tasks.

But when it comes to youth it is really important to guide them about the proper use of everything.

I am basically trying to raise this serious issue by which our youth and their talents are getting destroyed and spoiled by the improper use of modern technology.

This is necessary to end up this issue from the roots by keeping this in our minds that our youth get distracted really easily.

Apart from all such technology distractions, there are countless and endless advantages of technology, especially on our youth. Technology is contributing to making our lives easy and improved.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology on Youth:

First, I will let my readers know about the advantages of technology that takes our youth towards the path of success.

Advantages of Modern Technology for Youth:

There are countless and non-measurable benefits of technology on youth. They can fulfill their almost every single task and responsibility with the help of technology.

This is basically the need of our youth today.

Positive Effects of Technology on Youth:


Without having any doubt, technology has improved our communication part in a great way and in a positive way.

This is the biggest advantage for our youth that they can improve their communication skills with the help of using new technology that is introducing day by day.

Communication left a positive impact on our society and our youth in many ways.

It teaches our youth how they can easily connect and reach out with their friends and family.

The plus point for our youth is that they don’t have to go to some special place just for sending a single message and connecting to the network like people used to do in previous decades.

These days’ signals are so speedy that they can send a message anywhere they want. Also, the interaction became much easy and reliable.

The more you communicate, the more you learn.


This is the greatest benefit for our society and youth in order to grow their network and follow the path of success.

Technology is helpful for our youth in order to grow their social network.

With the help of technology, youth can grow their social network by searching for people who have similar interests as them.

With the help of technology, they can put together a wide range of information on their social networks.

This is the best platform where youth can gather information in order to gain academic and professional success.

The more your social network gets increased, the more you get aware of the world around.


With the help of technology, it has become so much easier for our youth for accessing the most updated information about the topics they want and they need.

They can simply collect information about their use by simply searching it on a Google. They got multiple results and the results can be in various forms.

It can be in the form of images, articles, videos, slide shares, and much more.

So by technology, it is so easy for us to access the most updated and new information. Information is needed in almost each and every sector.

You need technology for simply preparing a presentation or for the completion of an assignment and you need technology for preparing the business plan.

Whatever your scale or level is, technology is your need.


Now proceeding towards its disadvantages that proved too much harmful and dangerous for our youth.

We will discuss the disadvantages of Technology in human life and society.


The ratio of attempting crimes is increasing day by day that is affecting our youth badly.

With the help of technology, they are indulging themselves in illegal activities.

Such crimes may include data stealing or hacking. It not only affects their personality but also affects their educational future.

When a young person get started with such illegal activities, they never stop themselves, therefore, our youth must be checked by their parents and elders that in what ways their child is using technology.


We all know that there are countless benefits of mobile phones but on the other hand, there are many dangerous disadvantages of mobile phones.

It is considered to be the device that is extremely the wastage of time. Instead of studying and working hard for the future, our youth is wasting their time spending the whole day with their mobile phones.

They are wasting their most of the time by using different chatting apps plus they are also taking themselves away from their families because they give much time to their mobile phones as compared to family.

So in my opinion, a mobile phone is one of the biggest and major distractions for our youth.


When our youth spends their time using technology in the wrong way, they become addicted.

This addiction causes negative changes in their mental and physical behavior. So we should keep a proper check and balance at our youth while providing them access to
the use of technology.

We should never leave them freehand in a way that they become addicted and makes themselves and their family in trouble in the end.


Using technology in a good and positive way is not a bad thing but as we know that excessive use of anything could be dangerous so same is the case with technology, its excessive use is really very dangerous especially for our youth.


Do give your feedback in the comment section about the advantages and disadvantages of technology in society and let me know if you have any question in your mind. I will respond as soon as possible for me.

Keep reading and Learning. Do share it with your friends and family to let them know as well.


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