What are the 5 Senses of the Body by Hafiza Rabbia Shafiq

What are the 5 Senses of the Body:

In this article, I am going to explain “What are the 5 Senses of the Body” that all human beings have. First of all, I will let you know that what actually sense is?

Sense is something like an ambiguous impression in your mind regarding something. Sense is non-verbal, you can feel it but sometimes you cannot explain it.

By sense, I also mean something that is intended to be conveyed. Senses are basically linked to your stimulus and nervous system.

Importance of 5 Senses for the survival of humans on earth:

Senses are the only thing by which you can feel and understand that what is happening in your surroundings. With the help of senses, you can give a response to the given surroundings.  So if we give a thought to it, then the sense is the basic thing for the survival.

What are the 5 Senses of the Body:

All human beings are born with the following five senses:

  1. The sense of sight.
  2. The sense of hearing.
  3. The sense of smell.
  4. The sense of taste.
  5. The sense of touch.
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Explanation and Functions of 5 Senses:

What are the 5 Senses of the Body - Explained with Functions


By the word sight, I mean something that human eye can see. Sight basically means the power by which we can see and observe things.

Importance of Sense of Sight:

The sense of sight holds great importance for the survival of the human body. The sense of sight has special contact with the surroundings because by the sense of sight we can form a connection with our settings.

Example of Sense of Sight:

People use the sense of sight for reading, watching etc.


A hearing is basically the ability to understand something. This understanding takes place with the help of your ears.

Importance of Sense of Hearing:

A hearing is an organ which allows you to help understanding things. It also helps you to communicate with the people around us. It helps human beings in socializing. It keeps us connected to the world around.

Example of Sense of Hearing:

People use the sense of hearing for listening to people, music etc.


The detection of an odor or scent of something, Sense of smell is basically used for distinguishing whether the smell is pleasant or unpleasant.

Importance of Sense of Smell:

Smell is a very essential sense of our body. It is mostly used for alerting our brain because by the bad smell one can feel that this is something like danger e.g. leakage of gas or rotten food etc.

By the sense of smell, we can prevent ourselves from danger. Odor sends awful signals to the brain to avoid danger. Similarly, scent sends pleasant signals to the brain in order to create a nice and calm environment.

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Example of Sense of Smell:

The sense of smell is used to smell the flowers.


By the word taste, I mean to understand and experience the flavor of something.

Taste receptors cells are used by human beings for the detection of taste and developing it well.

Our sense of taste let us know that whether the taste is sweet, sour, salty or bitter.

Importance of Sense of Taste:

Our sense of taste helps us to prepare our body for the digestion of food.

Example of Sense of Taste:

I use the sense of taste to enjoy the food.


By the word touch, I mean to handle something in order to come in contact with it or to interfere with it.

Importance of Sense of Touch:

The sense of touch has the responsibility for the sensations that we feel. It usually makes contact with our skin.

It makes us feel whether the thing is hot, cold, rough, smooth etc.

Example of Sense of Touch:

People use their sense of touch to check whether the meal is hot or cold.

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